Cushion Cut Engagement Rings London

Make Your Occasions More Special with our Cushion Cut Engagement Rings London

Astar diamond provides you a huge collection of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings London, to make your occasions extraordinary. We provide you with professional, experienced and courteous artisans and high-quality services to meet our client satisfaction. Our master jewelers provide you CSD designs so you can easily see how your design looks like and make certain amendments if needed.

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings London:

Our experienced craftsmen use high-quality diamonds to design your rings efficiently. Our designs are usually made by hand which makes your jewelry more elegant and stunning. We perfectly cut the diamonds into versatile cuts without damaging its brilliance, durability, and shine. Furthermore, we provide you with your bespoke pieces of jewelry with a prescribed date and time.

We provide you bespoke cushion cut engagement rings London according to your desires. Our expert craftsmen listen to the requirements of the clients and work accordingly, by avoiding all the inconvenience we provide you same designs, you ever wished for. However, our professionals work beyond your expectations to create your dream pieces of jewelry.

cushion cut engagement rings London

Products we provide:

Following are the different products our professionals provide, including;

  • Diamonds
  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Jewelry
  • Eternity rings

Types of diamond cut:

Astar diamonds provide you the caliber of different cushion cut engagement rings in London according to your given specifications and desires. Following are the different type of diamond cuts our professionals provide, including;

Princess cut diamond:

Our princess cut diamonds is accessible in both rectangular and square shape with sloped edges. Frequently, these are fairly rectangular and easily cut into an exact proportion length 1.05 mm and width 1.05 mm.

Furthermore, our proficient craftsmen provide you a versatile range of diamond rings to make your wedding or engagement more special and outstanding. Our princess cut diamonds are extremely embellished and give altruistic looks. Likewise, you can also choose our shading stones to enhance your excellence and brilliance.

Cushion cut diamond:

The pad cut is the most the most well-known state of precious stone. As our cushion cut resemble with a pillow, as our master jewelers normally cut them in squares shape with dull round corners. Usually, our cushion cut is famous on account of its brightness, quality, durability and sleek finishing. Our proficient, skilled workers cut the precious stone by keeping up its unique shape, appearance and other basic characteristics. Moreover, our cushion cut engagement rings in London increment the radiance, brilliance and cut it by keeping its shimmer and shine.

By and large, our cut cushion diamonds are otherwise called "Pillow cut diamonds". Our shimmering and stunning collection of diamonds is extremely eye-catching and also helps you enhance your beauty. Additionally, our experienced craftsmen cut the diamonds into exact proportion length of 1.4 mm and width 1.6 mm. Besides, our dexterous skilled worker cut the precious stone within a similar length and width, so our clients get the correct shape, as per they are anticipating.

Oval cut diamonds:

Generally, our oval cut diamonds are recognized by its exquisite, splendid and remarkable attributes. We provide you high-quality diamonds which holds style and elegance. Furthermore, our oval shape diamonds gives you an elegant and stunning look, as they are unique and versatile in its appearance and shape. Our oval cut diamonds are similar to round cut diamonds because of its luminosity and brilliance. Additionally, our professional craftsmen give you elongate, and slimmer shape oval cut diamonds according to your requirements and demands. 

Round cut diamond:

Our round cut diamonds are considered the most popular type of diamond because of its shape and brightness. Our round cut diamonds are exquisite square cut and beveled corners. We provide you high-quality diamonds, as our experts cut them into different patterns by keeping is brilliance. Our round cut diamonds have approximately 1.00 lengths and 1.10 widths.

Also, our round diamonds are also known as “radiant cut diamonds” because they are exceptionally splendid, brilliant in appearance and vivacity. Moreover, our master jewelers efficiently cut the round diamonds and make eight corners with dull edges.

Our round cuts are completely uncommon and precious on account of its high splendor, extraordinary looks, and profound cuts. Besides, our professional can cut round diamonds into varieties of shapes, designs, and styles, including;

  • Brilliant cutcushion cut engagement rings London
  • Emerald Cut
Pear shape precious stone:

Our pear cut diamonds are ordinarily round and marquise fit as a fiddle. Our pear cut diamonds are similar to drop of a tear. Moreover, our oval cut diamonds gives a delicate, stunning and gorgeous look. Our pear cut diamonds is popular because of its superb symmetry and splendid splendor.

Marquise cut diamond:

Our marquise cut diamonds are elongated, oval in shape and frame a marquise shape. Be that as it may, our marquise cut diamonds are ideal because of its petite look adds more excellence to this shape for your special occasions such as weddings and engagements.

Astar diamonds provide you a wide range of cushion cut engagement rings in Londonat a competitive price. Also, our master jewelers understand that buying high-quality diamonds is quite an important decision. In case of any confusion, our professionals help you in choosing the appropriate pieces of jewelry which suits your needs and budget as well.


To buy our high-quality and delicate cushion cut engagement rings in London contact us now. For further details send us a message via email with your name, email address, and messages. Feel free to ask queries as our experts are always available to answer your queries. For more information visit our website. However, we also provide you estimated quotes based on your designs and budget as well.