Designing your own engagement / wedding ring

Designing your own engagement / wedding ring

Personalised Services

It is now easier than you think designing and creating your very own engagement / wedding ring using our partners in Hatton Gardens or Antwerp which are exclusive to A Star Diamonds. Our personalised service allows you to design and customise your own ring selecting the diamond, setting and metal that you desire and reflects your style and personality.

Bridal expertise

At A Star Diamonds we acknowledge buying an engagement ring can be an emotional time and add as an asset with the financial cost. We have over 80 years’ experience combined with our partners and the passion of our trained team to help you find or create your desired engagement / wedding ring. We will guide you through the features and qualities of each diamond and select the best for you. We offer variety of services to guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.


Whether you have lots of inspirations and ideas or not our designers are professionals, ready to support you in articulating precisely the design you are looking for. Designs can be captured from holidays, lifestyle, love or perhaps something simple such as a pattern on a wallpaper whatever it is our designers have experience and qualities in creating something exquisite. Why not bring along some of your inspirational ideas and thoughts to use as the starting point and allow the designers to understand the style both you and your partner is most comfortable with. We will then discuss ways we can achieve the best design for the right budget.


Purchasing a customised ring will not cost you more than an equivalent ring on the high street, as we regularly monitor the national average costs of rings and ensure all our gems and metals are purchased using expertise from the team ensuring quality is at its highest and cost kept to minimum. This allows us to pass on the best value for money to our customers.

We understand whatever your expectation of a bespoke jewellery we know you would want to pay the right price. We work within budgets (within reasons) as our contentment comes from the pleasure of our customers no matter of the end price whether it’s in hundredths or thousandth.

Our designers are more than happy to help in providing you, with an estimate for your bespoke jewellery.


Bespoke consultations have never been easier than now due to globalisation. Whether you’re living in London or Scotland or the other side of Australia we are able to work with you using the top of the range computerised programs. All our designers are happy and content likewise in designing your jewellery over the internet, phone or face to face. It’s good to talk so why not contact our office for an online or phone consultation and we will find the right designer to help give you clues for your bespoke jewellery.

We are able to offer consultations at both Hatton Gardens and Antwerp Diamond Exchange building. You will be greeted upon arrival by our expert designers and craftsmen’s. Why not make the consultation into a short break as there are many restaurants and attractions nearby to both our offices.


Recognising the right diamond for you has several processes. A solitaire diamond has been historically been the conventional preference for an engagement ring and most popular however times change, trends move and each customer choice is different to the next.

It is a great experience in choosing a diamond from learning how to use a loupe to identifying the 4C’s (colour, carat, clarity and cut) all in which is a life experience.

Ensure when selecting a diamond you get expert advice as it is easy to make an expensive error as its difficult to calculate costs for example a diamond of a colour E VVS1 may differ from another of the same however each diamond is specific, you need to see it closely with a loupe take your time viewing and foremost you know the diamond it right for you when you fall in love with it.


We’ve brought together a community of gemstone traders worldwide- from one man bands who travel the east for thrilling stones, to bigger companies specialising in coloured diamonds.

For example, the fascinating watermelon tourmaline is rare and displays three different colours within the same gem green (skin of watermelon) pink (the sweet fruit) white (the rind) all colours are natural. No matter what you are looking for we are able to cater for high quality and unusual variety of gems and keep stock at both of our locations.


Looking for something that is uncommon and unique? Then we will be able to find it for you. Whether it’s a specific colour, cut or uncut our customers are frequently looking for that bit with a difference and we love to rise to the challenge…..

Once stone is selected the next step is to enhance the detail of the completed jewellery and see how the finished piece will look on a computerised program.


Seeing your unique design on desktop will be an emotional start to the happy ending as seeing something you had only ideas of, as a hand sketch of the real thing is sure to bring a tear or two. The design process will be enhancing the ideas and ensuring all ideas are noted and captured, you would have seen thumbnail sketches during consultations however this is much clearer.

Once design is completed we can show you a preferred alternative to help you see your design is 100% perfect. You can show sketches to your friends and family to get their views if you wish. This is ideal for a romantic surprise proposal, you can gather opinions from partners close family and friends to increase the probability of getting it right.

CAD Renders

Comprised programs are common in jewellery designing though it is not suitable for all jewellery. We will advise you accordingly prior to the designing process. If this is the case we can show you a 3D render so that you can see the ring in more detail. A CAD render can be made prior to manufacturing your customised jewellery however a small charge is applicable as it takes time to make the CAD render and is offset against the cost of the total fee when the go ahead is received.

Hand Sketching

Over time we have promoted customised jewellery and sourced useful and specific designs with its own ability. All our designers have qualifications in designing and have a professional manner in skilful hand sketching which allows us to be ahead of the rest.

Making it happen

Bringing your very own idea into existence is magical and the designer will have discussed with you the processes in which our goldsmith will need go through in creating your personalised jewellery. The designer will put together the making process and draw up accurate design from various angles – you are able to view the drawings online. Goldsmith, stone-setter, engraver and polisher will all have their own set of instructions to follow. Once finished you will have the opportunity to come into the shop to try on the jewellery or simply view to collect for your surprise.

Should you choose CAD or Hand-Making?

Traditional craft of hand sketching is important to all goldsmith however with new technology and improved programs for CAD has given our designers additional tools to use along craftsmanship. Every design is different and one design may use simply the hand or CAD however another may use a bit of both. Whatever the mix our craftsmanship is able to combine traditional and CAD to provide us with more flexibility within our work.


Finished product and beyond

Bespoke jewellery reflects your style and personality and this is shown in the finished piece. All our jewellery is presented in luxurious packaging with our name on it. Every piece of A Star Diamonds jewellery is put through several quality checks which is why we offer lifetime warranty with complete confidence.

We’ve cherished moments making all our bespoke jewellery and getting to know the inner you to bring out the creativity in making the jewellery your own, that you will love so it’s over to you now to make that call……..

We do not want to say bye as we hand over the jewellery but want to be kept informed of how the story develops. We would love to know about the magical proposal and the celebrations. As the years pass we want to be here to help you celebrate further milestones maybe a wedding ring, eternity ring or necklace to celebrate birth of a child.

Certified Diamonds

All our diamonds come with a certified identification report which is a diamond summary of the authenticity and specification of the given diamond and assures its colour, clarity, carat and cut. Certificates are from diamond institutions such as HRD, IGI and GIA.

Our Diamond Sourcing

It is very important to us how we source our diamonds and every care is taken to ensure all our products we sell does not include from conflict areas.

We acquire all our suppliers of gems and diamonds to provide us with confirmation that they do not supply us with diamonds from conflicted areas.

Caring For Your Jewellery

Avoid dampening your diamonds clarity and brilliance by removing any jewellery when using oils, soaps and cosmetics to keep your jewellery as beautiful as the day you bought it. You can also purchase our special all in one jewellery cleaning product from A Star Diamonds which can be used for cleaning, protecting and storing.

Diamonds are strong however we recommend removing your ring/s when carrying out active work to avoid the stone being chipped by a hard blow, also ensure it does not come in contact with chlorine and bleach as it may damage the setting.

We provide a lifetime promise to clean and inspect your ring annually for weakened claws 10% off wedding and eternity rings If you purchase an engagement or wedding ring from us we will provide you with 10% discount on your next purchase of either wedding ring or eternity which over follows.

                                                     Good luck in selecting the right ring for you