Diamond Bracelets Antwerp


Astar diamond is providing you with a wide range of Diamond Bracelets Antwerp. Our professional experts offer you a high-quality diamond and help you in upgrading your collection of wrist wear. Our experienced craftsmen work beyond your expectation and provide you same design you always wanted. Regardless of whether you are searching for everyday fashion accessory or a present for your loved one, Astar diamonds offers an enormous s scope of Diamond Bracelets which suits all your events, styles and financial plans.

Diamond Bracelets Antwerp

Diamond Bracelets Antwerp:

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding services with professional, experienced and skillful artisans and down the job right. Our experts provide you with a stunning collection of metals including yellow, white gold and rose gold. We consummately consolidate the metals with our diamonds to range stunning and dazzling diamond bracelet for you and your adored one. If you are confused our experts helps you in choosing stunning bracelets with beautiful diamond cut.


We provide you with high clarity demands which help you in choosing appropriate diamonds for your occasion. Diamond clarity describes the absences and presences of diamond from inside out. However, our price varies according to the diamond clarity, carat, and color. Diamond clarity alludes to consideration such as black, grey and white imprints present inside the diamond structures. Furthermore, their flaws are characteristic and reviewed under x10 amplification which causes us in evaluating diamond clarity.

Factors of diamond clarity:

Our experts precisely inspect each clarity factor to ensure they grade the diamond appropriately. We provide you various graded diamond according to your desires and need. However, grades are assigned by keeping in view following clarity factors, which includes;

  • Amount of enclosures
  • Position of inclusion
  • Colour of consideration
  • Size of the inclusion
  • Nature of consideration

Our professional craftsmen flawlessly pick the best precious stone as indicated by carat and quality to give you stunning and amazing Diamond Bracelets Antwerp. Our specialists immaculately structure your jewelry to give you significant serenity you merit. We offer you high grading diamond such as l1, S1, VS, FL, IF, VVS2 and VVS1.

Diamond care:

Our experts also give you useful suggestion to keep you diamond clean and sparkling. We comprehend that over the time dirt settle down on your diamonds and the diamond start losing its sparkle and shine. However, the dirt or moisturizers stuck between the prongs and caused tediousness and dullness. Our high-quality diamonds are easy to maintain as they can quickly clean and help you in reducing your maintenance cost. By using warm water and a soft toothbrush, you can quickly clean our diamonds and remove dirt, dust and grimes as well. So our experts provide you following tips in cleaning your diamonds and ensure our clients to keep their diamond jewelry luminous, including;

Diamond Bracelets Antwerp

  • Remove diamond before taking a shower:
  • Use a soft brush to clean your diamond jeweler
  • Remove diamond while applying any moisturizers 
  • Carefully with ultrasonic rays

Types of various diamond cut:

Following are a different type of diamond cut our experts use while making Diamond Bracelets Antwerp, including;

Excellent/ideal cut:

These are the rare type of diamonds which our craftsmen used commonly because of its high quality, excellent cut, and brilliance. These types are diamond reflects all kind of lights that enter which describe its excellences and luminosity.

Excellent cut: 

Our very good cut diamonds are well known in light of its splendor, quality, and shining appearance. They reflect all the lights in the similar way as excellent cut do. They are low in cost when contrasted with the ideal cut.

Good cut: 

Our good cut diamonds mostly reflect the light which enters. We give you great evaluated diamonds which phenomenal, great cuts at a reasonable cost.

Fair cut:

We additionally give you reasonable cut precious stones that typically mirror a little measure of light. The reasonable cut is as yet thought about the best and better nature of jewel. Like this our reasonable cut precious stones can without much of a stretch cut and boost the carat weight, as we esteem your cash.

Poor cut:

Our poor cut is generally a diamonds that have been cut into profound or even shallow fit as a fiddle. Along these lines, these precious stones lose its noteworthy measure of light. As opposed to other evaluated precious stones our poor cuts can without much of a stretch cut into assortments of shapes. The other fiscal advantage of our poor cut jewel is bringing down expense.

Provide warranty:

Our experts believed in the quality of our Diamond Bracelets Antwerp and never compromise on excellence of work. Also, our experts pay particular attention to every minor detail of the jewelry to provide you stunning and eye-catching piece of jewelry. We earned a good name in the Jewellery industry and never spoiled our company’s name by giving low-grade diamonds for the sake of money. Before delivering the Jewellery, we inspect it thoroughly to make sure that your pieces of jewelry are in pristine condition. However, we offer you warranties and repair your damages in case of unlike events.


Discover our Diamond Bracelets Antwerp right now by contacting our customer care team. Feel free to ask queries or send us a message via email. Our experts are always available to answer your queries. For more information call us or visit our website