Diamond Expertise

Diamond Expertise

We at A Star Diamonds along with our partners understand that purchasing a diamond is a financial investment as well as emotional. We have over 80 years’ experience in delivery of diamond jewellery so you can feel at ease with confidence that you have come to the right jeweller. As part of the world’s largest diamond specialist we will be able to go through characteristics of each and every one of our diamond and guide you in selecting the perfect diamond that suits your personality and budget. We provide our customers perfection.

For diamond expertise contact A Star Diamonds for a meeting. For that extra security we only supply diamonds which are individually certified with an identification report, from the top three gemmological institutes International Gemmological Institute IGI, Gemmological Institute of America GIA and HRD Antwerp Europe leading Gemmological Institute these are internationally-recognised grading laboratories. Identification report contains an account of the diamonds description using the 4Cs Colour, Carat, Cut and Clarity.

Our craftsmanship are highly skilled specialists with enhanced technology that make cutting and polishing processes next to none. All our team have the passion and love throughout the crafting process and guarantees creating memories with you that you remember forever.

Source of our Diamonds

We take sourcing of our diamonds very seriously. You can be confident that comprehensive measures are taken to ensure the diamonds we sell do not include conflict diamonds. All our diamonds are conflict-free. We require all our suppliers of diamond to provide us with warranty that they do not supply us with conflict diamonds.

Diamond Care

To prevent dulling your diamonds natural brilliance and sparkle ensure to remove any jewellery when using skin oils, cosmetic and chemicals. Clean it regularly in warm soapy water cleaning it with a light bristle toothbrush, rinse and then dry with a soft jewellery cloth.

Diamonds are one of the world’s hardest materials however as with any cut and polished gems it can have a chip when knocked against other hard materials it is advisable to remove your ring when carrying out strenuous activities.

It is important to schedule in maintenance appointments annually to have it cleaned and checked for any loose prongs and diamond. We are happy to say if you purchase your ring with A Star Diamonds it comes with a lifetime maintenance of free annual cleaning and check.