Diamond necklaces Antwerp

Upgrade your collection with our versatile diamond necklaces Antwerp

Astar diamonds is providing you with a vast range of diamond necklaces Antwerp. Our professional craftsmen offer you assortments of loose diamonds as per your wants and necessities. We a with additionally have the dazzling accumulation of adornments, studs, engagement rings, and eternity rings. Our accomplished gem experts effectively assess the precious stones by its quality, brilliance, solidness, and durability.

Over 80 years, Astar diamond has built good reputations has become one of the leading company of diamonds, engagement and eternity rings, and stunning jewellery. Each of our loose diamonds is utterly and thoroughly inspect/graded by our professional gemologists. Our master jewellers correctly design your jewel according to your given specifications. We are always accessible to help you to choose the high-quality diamonds. We provide you honest advices by ensuring your choice reflect your preferences and personal lifestyle.

Diamond necklaces Antwerp:

Diamond necklaces Antwerp  We also establish a great relationship with our clients and gemstone merchants. We generally keep up harmony between the size, shape, quality, and brightness, since we appreciate that more significant isn't better in every case. We pride in ourselves by providing higher-value diamonds and never compromises on the excellence of work.  However, our diamonds are easy to maintain as you can clean the dirt and grimes off with warm water and a soft toothbrush.

Our staff is GIA certificated, as they have adequate knowledge about the diamonds, grading, and brilliance. Before delivery diamond necklaces Antwerp, as we precisely inspect it to make sure you get the perfect and dazzling necklace. In case of any imperfections, our experts examine it thoroughly. Our experts repair or replace them with other new items as per your demands.

Why choose Astar Diamond?

  • We provide you 100% guarantee of work and offer you hassle-free 30-day return policy.
  • Our experts provide you an array of standard services with every diamond jewelry order.
  • We provide you professional, experienced and skillful master jewelers to do the job right.
  •  Our experts Work beyond your expectations and provide you with the same designs.
  •  Our highly professional and qualified gemologists examine your diamonds accurately.
  • Astar diamond provides you free shipping services for each order.
  • Our professionals provide you certified loose diamonds verified from renowned laboratories.
  • We offer a wide range of diamond necklaces Antwerp at a competitive price.
  • Our experts also provide you cleaning and maintenance services to keep your diamond jewelry dazzling and sparkling.

Our certified loose diamonds:

Astar diamond offers you a loose cut diamond with GIA certifications, which gives our clients the confidence that we provide you with high-quality stones. You can easily use our gorgeous collection of diamond necklaces Antwerp at a reasonable price. Our certified diamonds are easily identifying because of its brilliance and clarity, as we value your money.

Our experts precisely inspect the diamonds through a GIA certification process, after cutting and polishing the diamonds. Our professional and experienced gemologists verify the originality of the diamond stones in our laboratories. Following are the basic characteristics which help our experts evaluating the diamond, including;

  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Carat weight
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Polish
  • Proportion
  • Symmetry

From traditional to the elegant necklace, Astar diamonds provide you the best collection of diamond jewelry for every occasion and special events. We always offer you durable diamonds with excellent grading, brilliance, and clarity. Buying our diamond necklaces Antwerp, are the perfect choice for formal events and astonishing presence.

Diamond necklaces Antwerp

Types of diamond cut:

Following are the various types of diamond cuts, including;

  • Round cut diamond
  • Princess cut diamond
  • Emerald cut diamond
  • Oval diamonds
  • Baguette diamond
  • Pear cut diamond
  • Heart cut diamond
  • Asscher cut diamond
  • Radiant cut diamond
  • Trillion diamond

Buy our loose diamond:

Astar diamonds offer you a huge range of loose diamonds according to your desires and needs. Our loose diamonds are the best option when you separately choose a center diamond stone.  We provide you all type of loose diamonds according to meet your specifications and quality characteristics. Our high-quality diamonds never hide imperfections, and it’s easier for our clients to pick the best quality diamonds.  

Our diamond necklaces Antwerp are genuinely exquisite and beautiful. We also use another precious gemstone such as emerald, rubies, sapphires, and amethysts to design you delicate pieces of jewelry. Rather than our diamonds we also add different gems to your necklace as per your desires and requirements.

We provide colored diamonds:

Astar diamonds offer you varieties of colored diamonds in dark tones and moderate saturation according to our client’s choice. Our colored diamonds are available in various colors, including;

  • Red
  • Green
  • Fancy yellow
  • Blue
  • browns
We do girdle rating:

After certifying the diamonds our experienced gemologists do the girdle rating which help us in determining the diamonds thickness and thinnest points. Our girdle rating helps our experts to categorize the diamonds rather it’s thin or thick. Following are the girdle rating scales with perfect gemstone proportion, including

  • Extremely thin
  • Very thin
  • Medium thin
  • Tremendously thick
  • Faintly thick
  • Very thick
Competitive price guarantee:

Astar precious stones give you brilliant diamond jewelry at focused costs ensured. We provide you an expanded selection of diamonds, so you can easily find out the best and excellent diamonds within your price range. If you want an indistinguishable size and nature of the jewel at a sensible cost, we will beat it. 

Discover our new collection of diamond necklaces Antwerp now by visiting our website or contact our customer care team. Feel free to ask queries as our experts are always available to give you a satisfactory answer. We are anticipating for your call to provide you proper guideline to solve all your issues.