Right style

Right style


There is no set amount you must spend on an engagement ring, it is important for you to feel comfortable and spend whatever that within your budget. We have engagement rings to suit all budgets from £150 to £9K so whatever you decide A Star Diamonds is sure to have something in our huge collection, if you decide to create a bespoke design yourself we will design and make it to your exact spec.

Selecting the right style

Selecting the style can be a challenge however it can be made easier with some of our tips here not to forget our expert advice as well:

If your choosing a ring without your partners direct knowledge as a surprise it can be challenging if you do not know what they would like, however pay attention to what she likes such as reactions to someone else’s engagement ring, if she points out a specific ring when passing a jewellery shop, perhaps speak to her close family and friends for advice as all this will help you select the right style for your fiancé to be.

There are various styles to choose from the simple classic solitaire ring which is set with a single stone, to trilogy rings set with three stones to vintage rings set with several small stones these are only a few of the styles. There are many more styles such as art deco, contemporary and the modern rings. Whatever the style our designers are able to create and design exquisite rings.

Selecting Gems

Selecting the right diamond or gemstone is a very important factor as this influences the price of the engagement ring. All our diamonds and gems are from conflict-free zones and ethically sourced.

Diamonds are valued on their individual characteristics such as the 4Cs (colour, carat, clarity and cut) which brings out the sparkle. The gemstones are now becoming more popular as engagement rings such as sapphire, ruby and emerald engagement rings since Prince Williams proposal to Kate Middleton with a blue sapphire ring. Also women enjoy rays of their favourite colour in their wardrobe and engagement ring.

Choosing the right metal

Our commitment to Fairtrade gold helps provide better living and working conditions for the miners and the community. At A Star Diamonds we pride ourselves in using certified Fairtrade gold and platinum. We have selection of metals from 9ct to 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold and rose gold and platinum. It is important to know the colour of jewellery your partner prefers as one person may like gold another white gold.

Do some research by looking at what your partners wears regular to establish her preference Yellow gold is traditional however in recent years white gold and platinum have become the most popular choices. Platinum is stronger than gold for good for stronger settings however costs a little more. Rose gold is a little bit more unusual, which might work well if you're looking for something a bit different. Have a look at our metal guide for more information .