Importance of wedding rings

Importance of wedding rings

The exchange of wedding rings has not changed since the Ancient Egyptian times no matter how much each ceremony differs and vows are exchanged, the tradition of exchanging ring is a traditional sign which displays the eternal love within many religion and cultures. The ring symbolises love and harmony between two people the circle represents eternity no beginnings nor ends, the inner hole future events and giving the ring displays never ending love for each other.

Traditionally wedding ring is a simple gold band with no pattern nor design, however in recent year’s rings which are engraved and with precious gem and diamonds has become popular.

When looking at purchasing a wedding ring ensure to give it the same attention as the engagement ring although the engagement ring diamond/gem takes the heart of the stage finding the wedding band is as important as you will be wearing this with your engagement ring day in day out. Set a budget, look at different style of rings and metal as any additional knowledge will give you confidence in choosing the right ring for yourself and your partner. If your engagement ring was a surprise then this maybe something you can choose together to complete the bridal ring set.

Try the rings on preferably with your engagement ring to see how it looks, see different shapes and see what fits comfortably alongside your engagement ring. There are many details that you need to consider in selecting the right wedding ring as an deep width wedding ring may not be suited with an elegant simple solitaire engagement ring therefore it requires careful consideration given.

There are questions that you need to ask each other

Do you want simple wedding ring?

Do you want metal to match your engagement ring?

Do you need to look at bespoke wedding bands due to the shape of your engagement ring?

Do you want matching wedding bands?

Do you want bands with inlaid diamonds? Remember the 4Cs

At A Star Diamonds we have variety design of wedding rings to suit your taste and budgets from different metals, shapes, weight and finishes. Our specialist team make it our mission in helping you make the right choice. Once the design and shape of the wedding band is chosen it does not stop their final step will be to select the right type of metal for your band ensure the metal type is same as the engagement ring to prevent it from getting scratched against each other.

Budget - It may not seem important however this is the foremost first factor that needs to be taken into consideration when looking at purchasing engagement/wedding ring/s as depending on budget you may wish to choose a simple ring or one that can be passed down as a heirloom as price ranges of wedding bands depends on the metal type and any inlaid diamond/gems within it. At A star diamonds we have various options and budgets to suit everyone’s requirements and budgets.

Matching rings – There are no rules in getting matching rings except personal choice and lifestyle of each couple. Everyone is different therefore it is only a choice that you as couples can make. If you do agree on the same style of band rings then it’s ideal for the groom to have thicker band and bride’s band slimmer. However if you do not want it identical you can opt for similar rings such as same metal, designs and stones to complement each other.

Bespoke wedding ring – You may have looked through high street shops and our collections however may not have found the one that strikes you. We at A Star Diamonds can help you design and create your bespoke ring and make it into reality. You can select each of the components individually and create a piece unique to you and your partner.

Personalise your wedding bands – Wedding bands is the bond between you and your partner so why not engrave.

Turn your wedding shopping making memories that you can treasure by turning your shopping experience into a romantic lunch or dinner date to discuss budget and styles and be prepared to comprise with each other in order to reach an decision you are both happy with.

At A Star Diamonds we believe creating happy memories that last forever is like a relationship and we pride ourselves to start creating that happy memory from the minute you start looking for your engagement ring through to wedding and eternity rings.