Wedding ring shapes

Wedding ring shapes

Choosing the right ring shape –

It is very important in choosing the right shape for your finger as you will be wearing it daily for rest of your life. There is no specific ring shape that is ideal for finger shape and size however one design may look better than another it is up to you and how comfortable you feel in each design. If you already have an engagement ring select a ring that compliments the engagement ring and fits comfortably against each other. Our team with knowledge and experience is on hand in helping you select the ring that is best suited to you and your comfort. Contact us

There are many different shapes of band rings however the main ones are:

Court shaped – This is the most traditional classic of all shapes, it is slightly rounded on both the inside and outside creating a very comfortable fit, however much the width of the ring you choose.

D shaped – Is also another traditional shape which is curved on the outside and flat on the inside which creates a D shape across the cross section which the name initiates from. This shape is popular with both men’s and women’s.

Flat shape – Is exactly that of what the name comes from flat shape, all surfaces inside and out is flat. This shape is more popular amongst men’s as the design gives the impression of clean and masculine look and the rectangle looks heavy and expensive. This design is more common and popular in platinum metal.

Flat court shape – Is the opposite of the D shape the outside is flat with a rounded inside for a better comfortable fit, the design however looks the same as flat shape when on the finger creating the heavy and expensive feel.

Concave shape - Is much more unique than the others the inside is flat and rounded at edges for comfortable wear, the outside edges are higher than the centre which adds extra dimensions to simple rings to create a unique look.

Shaped – Shaped band rings has become popular in recent years due to variety shaped of engagement rings which are now available. For example if you have an engagement ring which is shaped then you may want a wedding band that fits comfortably against the engagement ring. We have a selection of different shaped band rings for you to choose from however if you cannot find one in our collection we can design and make a bespoke piece for you.

Unique bands – If you have looked through all our collection and not found anything that catches your eye or simply have a design of your own in mind our professional team can design and create a bespoke piece to meet your requirements.

Wedding band with stones – You may not want a simple band ring and may want gems / diamonds set into the wedding band. It can be a simple single stone or several smaller stones (setting of stone). Whatever you decide at A Star Diamonds our professional team can help you select the right option for you. Diamond set wedding rings have become more popular amongst women’s in recent years as it compliments their sparkle on the engagement ring. Diamonds set in wedding bands are usually round brilliant cut or princess cut the more unusual cut the diamond the more expensive the ring gets.