Wedding ring weight/width

Wedding ring weight/width

Wedding ring is traditionally a simple band of gold which comes is different variety of weights. Women’s tend to opt for thinner and lighter rings whereas men’s go for heavier and bulkier rings. Depending on the weight of a ring, jewellers tend to categorise them light, medium and heavy weight rings. Heavier rings are much harder wearing and couples that tend to choose these usually go with platinum as their metal choice. The heavier a ring the more expensive it gets depending on choice of metal of course.

There are many factors which can affect the weight of a ring which in general affects the final cost such as:-

• The thickness/depth of the ring

• The width of the ring

• Metal choice

• The finger size of the wedding ring

Depth – This is the thickness of the band and measured at the highest point of the band. It is also referred to it as light weight (1.3mm) medium weight (1.7mm) and heavy weight (2.1mm)

Light weight - Also recognised as low profile ring as it is lighter and slimmer looking. Lighter weight rings comprises of rings with depth of 1.3mm which is the thinnest option available. A slimmer ring has its advantages as it’ll look thinner and lighter on the finger and less noticeable for those that want it discreet, also its ideal for this style in platinum as it will be lighter therefore more cost effective. Lighter weight rings is ideal for men’s that want a wider looking ring for lesser cost.

Medium weight – This is the most popular ring weight for both men and women with depth of 1.7mm. Its weight is balance as it is not too heavy nor too light. Medium weight rings are best suited with standard size of most engagement rings that are commonly available across all designs and shapes.

Heavy weight - Is popular in men’s rings as they tend to have larger fingers and opt for greater widths. Depth of heavy weight rings are usually 2.1mm or more and give a solid feel to it. This design is ideal where a diamond or gem is being inlaid however you may also be able to set gems/diamond in medium weight rings which the jeweller is able to advice.

Width of wedding bands -

How wide should a wedding band be?

As a general view the larger your hand the wider the ring that will suit you however it is the personal preference of what suits you the best. We find most ladies pick bands between 2mm and 3mm and most men’s choose 4mm to 6mm, this is not set in stone and there is no rights of wrong widths to go for, as what feels right for you and your style is the best option for you.

However if you have an engagement ring already you must decide whether you want both rings to be of same metal and width or to have it so it contrasts each other. It is also important to take into consideration total width of both of the rings to ensure they are comfortable to wear together. If you have a wide band width on your engagement ring you may want to select a smaller wedding band width so it fits comfortably as mentioned previously, although this maybe comfortable for one person it may not be for another therefore we advise you to try on different widths of rings and find the most comfortable that suits you.

Different band widths

At A Star Diamonds we offer a range of different widths, ranging from 2mm to 8mm wide so we are sure you will find a ring perfect for you however if you are looking for something wider than 8mm we can customise and make a bespoke ring that suits you. Customise rings

2mm band – Is best suited for ladies that are looking for a fairly discreet looking band on their finger, perfect for a thin band against an engagement ring, although we mentioned ladies, all plain bands can be worn by both men and women.

3mm band – This is fairly slim and a good choice to sit against an engagement ring as when both rings width is added it’ll provide a comfortable fit. It can also be worn by ladies on its own as it is slim but elegant and has enough weight.

4mm band – Is a choice for men looking for a slimmer band or women that want to wear the band on its own without the engagement ring.

5/6mm band – Is a very popular choice amongst men’s as it can be chosen in medium or heavy weight and overall impression will be of masculine, bold and solid look.

Wedding ring weight (metal)

The depth, width and size will determine the final cost of a ring as the wider and larger a ring size it is, the higher the cost not to forget cost of metal will also affect the cost as platinum is a much more heavier metal than palladium therefore a ring made in same measurements in the different metal will cost different.

Here is a list of metals from lightest to heaviest however slight variation may occur due to the mixture of alloys used.

• Titanium with a density of - 4.5

• Stainless Steel with a density of -7.5

• Sterling Silver with a density of - 10.2

• Palladium with a density of - 12.0

• Gold

18k gold has a density of about - 17

14k gold has a density of about - 13

• 950 Platinum with a density of - 19.1

As you can see Titanium is by far the lightest of all wedding ring metals, silver and palladium have similar weights, palladium's light density is the reason palladium wedding bands are more affordable than gold or platinum, although palladium is rarer than gold and platinum it requires less metal to make the ring. Look at our metal guide for more information on each of the metal.

Size of wedding ring

The size of a ring is a general factor in the total cost of a ring, as a small ring size will require less metal, less diamonds/gems if several is inlaid, and less craftsmanship time however a larger ring will require more metal, more gems/diamonds if several is inlaid around the whole of the ring, more time in craftsmanship therefore the cost of ring will be much higher. Have a look at our ring sizing guide to get the correct ring size for your finger.

Can a wedding ring be bought in a set?

Wedding rings can be bought either on their own or as in sets. At a Star Diamonds we have several wedding and bridal sets available for you to select from. Although it is traditional for a simple band ring in recent years couples are looking for trendier and unique rings therefore lookout for wedding sets and bridals sets to complement each other. If nothing catches your eye within our collection then our team can help you design a bespoke set that is suited to both.

Bridal sets – Is combination of two rings an engagement and wedding ring for the bride, hence the name bridal set. This saves you time and effort as you can select one style, one payment and deal with one store.

Wedding sets - Is a combination of three rings an engagement and wedding ring for her and a band ring for him, this is a one stop to buying all your rings at once. Saving you time and effort. This is also ideal if your budgeting and sometimes can take out payment plans to make monthly payments. However the wedding sets in some places can also be referred to as bridal sets and can be confusing for jewellers and you, therefore make sure you clarify what you are after.

Personalise your ring – Add a personal touch to your wedding bands by engraving both your initials and wedding date or simply a message onto each other’s rings to make it that extra special reminder of your big day as we at A Star Diamonds create memories to last you forever. See more about our engraving service.