Wedding ring finishes

Wedding ring finishes

Wedding ring finishes

This is the final step in completing your wedding band, you need to decide on the type of finish you would like your ring to have as this is the final step in adding a distinctive finish to personalize your choice. A finish is the appearance of the band, a same design band can look very different due to the finishing it has.

There are several types of finishes such as polished, satin and matte however in more recent years newer finishes has been surfaced such as mixed finish, hammered, pave, sand blast. Most jewellers stock matte finish option as no matter how well one looks after a band ring it is sure to have scuffs of daily wear and tear. Some people want the understated simple finish however this is not always the case as one may want a pave finish. All finishes will occur wear and tear and can be re finished every couple of years it will not affect the ring what so ever.

At A Start Diamonds our goldsmiths complete your ring with the chosen finish by hand which will reflect your personality and taste. Here is a finishing guide to help you make the right choice:-

Polished finish – This is the traditional classic finish and the most common, it is very shiny and smooth to touch. You should be able to see your reflection on it and reflects light very well. This is ideal for those that want their ring noticed. This finish scratches easily and can be easily seen on polished finished rings however it is easily re-finished without affecting the ring.

Matte finish – Also sometimes called satin finish. It is the second most popular choice of finishes of all times. It feels soft and smooth to touch with a gentle glow hence the name satin finish. It is not reflective as polished finish more like a mirror which has fogged up. It diffuses light than reflecting it creating a softer appearance. The original finish will not last as marks relatively easily however can be easily re-finished to regain its original finish. This finish is ideal for people that want the polished feel without the worry of faint scratches as slight scratches will not reflect on the surface.

Brushed finish – Has the same look as the satin finish with additional texture as it is finished with a wire brush creating a contemporary sleek look. This is ideal for wear and tear as scratches will not reflect.

Mixed finish – Is also called combination finish, which has two or more finishes to create a unique look. It has in recent years become more popular in men’s band rings as it enhances the features and texture. The most popular mixed finish is of polished and satin combination to create a unique look. However the satin finish with hammered finish is the start of a trend since 2013. Whichever combination you choose our team can help you decide and create your bespoke ring.

Hammered finish – This type of finish is popular with men’s looking for a non-shiny and unique finishing. The texture looks like as though a hammer has been used to create small dents which the name initiates from. It can combine two finishes a hammered finish topped with satin finish to prevent it from being reflective. The rich sculptured appearance creates an artisan trendy look.

Sandblast finish – Is very obvious and bristly finish, you can feel the roughness on your fingers. It is great for those that are looking for textured finishes. The look is more favourable amongst the men’s

Wire brushed finish – A much newer finishing added to the textured list. This is the same as brushed finished however the fine lines are much deeper therefore more noticeable. This is used more in contemporary style of jewellery.

Pave finish – This is much more newer trend and popular with ladies as in more recent years they are looking for additional sparkle to the wedding band as well as the engagement ring so it complements each other. It is several small gems or diamonds that are inlaid or closely set together so no metal is on display.