Wedding Ring Hatton gardens

Jewellery is the personal expression which tells about who you are. Astar diamond Wedding Ring Hatton Gardens let you create your own designs according to your taste and requirements. Whatever style or design you choose, our personal craftsmen make exquisite diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants and bespoke jewellery. Looking to add some luxury and personal touch? Our professionals carry a vast array of options to create your masterpiece and bring it to life. Our fast and friendly service, together with our very competitive prices and our large inventory, helps us to give our valued customers the platform to succeed and flourish. In our factories, we make exquisite bracelets, necklaces, engagement rings, earrings, wedding bands, pendants, bespoke jewellery and cad design on off, both in platinum and gold. Moreover, our professional designers help you to fulfil all requirements and turn your wishes into reality.

Different shape of diamonds:

Following are the numerous shapes of diamonds our professional designers provide to create your dream wedding ring in Hatton gardens, including;

Cushion cut diamond:

Astar diamond is providing you finest quality cushion cut diamond which is also known as “pillow-cut diamond”. This diamond cut has round corners and large facets which increases its brilliance and rigidity. So if you are buying an SI clarity grade diamonds then first review the certificate of clarity plot of diamond, which helps you in choosing appropriate diamonds according to your budget and desires. These cushion cut diamonds have larger facets that highlight its clarity, however, they are available in numerous shapes ranging from rectangular to square. To want to know about the dimension of cushion cut diamond, look for the width-to-length ratio in our interactive diamond search, as they are mentioned in each detail. Moreover, the outline or the top of the diamond help you in determining the exact ratio of length-to-width.

Pear shaped diamond:

Astar Diamond is providing you pear-cut-diamond which is also known as teardrop cut diamond because of its single point rounded end. Pear-cut diamonds are completely unique in its shape and considered as the best option for a variety of diamond jewellery if you are looking for exceptional and attractive rings for someone special. These pear-cut diamonds are popular because of their exclusive shape and designs. However, these diamonds create a slimming effect on your fingers, as if you choose elongated pear-shape diamonds.

Oval shape diamond:

Astar diamond is offering you beautiful brilliance of oval-shaped diamonds, which are familiar with round cut diamond. Our oval shaped diamond is absolutely popular because of it accentuates long length, brilliance and quality which perfectly fits best in slender fingers. We comprehend that in diamonds the most important element is the cut quality, which fundamentally impacts on diamonds brilliance, beauty and stone structure. Bursting with brilliance, durability and fire, our oval cut diamond is a completely exceptional choice, if you are looking for a unique, beautiful and exquisite diamond. Our oval shaped diamonds have elongated designs as compared to other diamond cuts. Moreover, we provide you with the most excellent range of oval shaped diamonds that make the fingers and hands of the wearer even more slim and gorgeous.

Our jewellery:

Astar diamonds offers you delicate and passionate designers which help you to choose your engagement that symbolize your love, affection and commitment you are pledging to one another. At Aster diamond, our professionals always update our wide-ranging collection of stunning designed diamond For engagement ring you can easily choose our massive range of white diamonds, coloured diamonds and other precious gemstones vary in clarity, weight and sizes. However, you can select the centre stones shape according to your needs including, oval, round, radiant, princess and pear cut diamonds and metal types including, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Create your own engagement rings:

At Astar diamond, your perfect custom engagement and wedding rings are just a few clicks away. Our professional craftsmen give you the opportunity to choose each and every aspect of your wedding ring in Hatton gardens and we help you design your rings exactly like how you desire it. In case you don’t have the idea about where to start or begin, then our experts help you in giving proper guideline which allows you to discover varieties of ideal engagement rings according to your liking. Whether you want classic or contemporary designs engagement rings, Astar diamond provides you professional, experienced and skilful craftsmen, who work beyond your expectation and provide you exact same designs you always desired.  Our professional designer allows you the choose your favourite gemstones, designs, styles, ring setting, special engraving and metal style which help you to create your own personalized rings from Astar diamond.  

So explore our extensive range of wedding ring in Hatton gardens to create your own style by calling our customer service. To ask queries send us a message via email with your name, email address and message. Our experts are always available to give you a satisfactory answer. For more updates stay in touch with us or call us.