Named after Russian Tsar Alexandra II as the gemstone was discovered in the emerald mines near Tokovaya River in Russia in 1830 on the day of his birthday. Alexandrite is a two tone gem, by day it exhibits an emerald green and by night under light a light ruby red. Alexandrite is incredibly rare especially in larger sizes therefore it is relatively expensive.


This two tone gemstone is ideal for use in jewellery as its strength makes it suitable for daily wear. Mainly found in Russia. When brilliant cut the beauty, shine and colour gives you more options in wearing it with wider selection of outfits.

Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June along with pearl and moonstone. It is also the stone for 55th wedding anniversary.



Alexandrite Care

Alexandrite is a strong and durable gemstone hence great for everyday wear and tear in the effects of light and heat. However as with all gems it needs taking care it must be stored in a separate pouch to other jewellery to prevent it getting scratched. Soap and liquid cleaners should be avoided as it may cause dulling effect, it can be easily cleaned in warm water and dried with a soft jewellery cloth. Keep harsh detergents and chemicals such as bleach and chlorine away from the gem as can cause erosion.