All our rings are made individually in the UK with the highest quality metals our craftsmanship are among the most respected in the industry. The outstanding quality of our materials and craftsmanship allow us to create exquisite jewellery supported with comprehensive warranty.


All our diamonds are sourced in a sustainable and ethical manner and this determines everything that we put into our jewellery. We use the finest quality materials only those that we can trace back to source and operate the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme which requires that a written guarantee accompanies every diamond to certify that it is not sourced illegally or from a conflict area.

Our commitment is that every piece of A Stars Diamond Jewellery is ethically produced and 100% from conflict free zones.


Our commitment is that the finest jewellery should be affordable by all not only the wealthy few. Therefore offer the best value and cannot be beaten on price. We work with your budget no matter how small or large to create your jewellery.


We understand buying fine jewellery can be stressful as it’s not something you buy every day therefore we visit you within a relaxed environment to help you make your choice and committed to deliver unforgettable experience.