We At A Star Diamonds Consider Ourselves As Professional Experts And Understand The Importance Of Buying An Engagement, Wedding Or Eternity Ring Or Simply A Ring For Yourself Or A Loved One Is Important Getting One That Fits Perfectly.

To help you purchase a ring we have several options to help you find the correct size. The most accurate way to establish a ring size is when we meet you in person. Our friendly consultant is able to take your ring size using industrial ring sizer. It only takes a few minutes and once your ring size is established you will be asked to try on a few metal rings to establish the comfort fit for you. However if the ring is for a surprise and you don’t know the size then there are ways we can get the right fit for you.

How to use the ring sizer

Put a ring that fits your wedding ring finger over the circle, the circle that completely fills the inside of the ring without overlapping is the correct size of your ring. If you are selecting a wide band ring of 5mm or more you will need to go up a size as wider bands fit more snug on the finger.

Extra Small Or Large Sizes

Our ladies collection of rings range from UK sizes I to S and men’s collection from P to Z however if you require alternative sizes our representative is able to order it for you from the smallest A to the largest Z we also offer half sizes so no matter what size we are sure to have the perfect fit for you. If you require it urgently our workshop team may be able to resize the chosen ring in the workshop itself. However please note not all jewellery can be easily resized and our team will be able to advise you whether your chosen ring can be resized or not.

How To Get The Right Ring Size For Surprise Rings

We understand when buying a ring it is not always easy especially if it’s a surprise the best option is to borrow an existing ring that fits the correct finger however it might be difficult to get hold of that specific ring. In that case we have alternative way that you can get the ring size as follows:-

Here Are Tips From Our Professional Expert Team In Gathering A Ring Size For A Surprise Gift / Proposal

• Borrow a ring for 3rd finger of left hand, however this finger may not have a ring on it therefore use a ring for middle finger and go down a size or 2

• If correct size is found then contact our consultant to arrange meeting at a convenient time and venue

• Ask your partners close family and friends as they might be able to find out discreetly for you

• If in doubt always go a size up than down as its easier to make the ring smaller than make it bigger.

How Best To Measure A Ring Size

• Best time to measure a ring size is in the evening as this is when your finger is at its largest

• Never measure your finger when your cold as it always gives incorrect reading as fingers tend to go smaller when cold

• The thicker the ring, the tighter the fit, so if you choose a ring with a deep band width, you will likely need to go one size up.

• Ensure the ring sizer fits your finger snug and comfortably as you do not want it to slide off and loose enough to go past your knuckle.

• Refrain from drinking alcohol up to 5 hours before taking ring measurements as it can swell.


If you have selected the incorrect size for your surprise bespoke ring A Star Diamonds will resize the ring for you one time at no extra cost within 30days of purchase. However rings with gems all round cannot be resized due to the setting and you will be advised prior to purchase. If you purchased a ring from our standard designs then we can exchange it for alternative size at no extra costs.

Difficult Ring Sizes

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a ring size that is comfortable as peoples knuckle sizes differ. Some peoples knuckles are larger than others and therefore they require a larger ring to be able to pass the knuckle however once on the finger it is too loose. If this is the case then you can add sizing beads (small gold or platinum beads) to the inside of your ring which helps to slide over the knuckle and feels a much more comfortable fit on your finger and stops it feeling loose.