Diamond Engagement Rings


Getting engaged is probably one of the most important and emotional moments in your life which makes choosing the right engagement ring to symbolise your love together key. Your engagement ring journey will present you with many options to consider but here at A Star Diamonds we pride ourselves in helping you make the best decisions along the way.An engagement ring is the first major step on the road to marriage, Worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is said to contain the vena armoris (vein of love), an engagement ring is traditionally a gold ring set with a diamond. Nowadays however, there are many different options to choose from, which cater for a wide variety of tastes.Ever since the 1940s, diamond has been the most popular choice of gem for engagement rings. It’s not hard to see why — a diamond sparkles like no other stone; its colour works with any outfit; and as the hardest known substance, diamond withstands wear and tear better than any other gemstone. So if you’re considering purchasing a diamond engagement ring, what are the main issues you need to consider?

Finding The Perfect Style

It might not be easy trying to decide your engagement ring style. But checking your current jewellery for your preferred metal colour and finding out whether your style is more classic than contemporary is a great way to start.If you are buying for your partner, it might be worthwhile discreetly searching through their current jewellery. Make a note of which metals they prefer such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Your partner’s jewellery collection will hold a lot of secrets that will help you to develop a picture of the perfect ring. Ask yourself whether you think they would prefer an engagement ring that is lavish and contemporary, classic and timeless, vintage inspired or something more unusual and distinctive.At A Star Diamonds we have a vast collection of different engagement rings that vary from refined and classic like a diamond solitaire ring to more lavish and contemporary such as a statement diamond halo cluster ring. With the rising trend of rose gold, perhaps a rose gold diamond engagement ring would make a great choice? Or maybe add dash of colour with one of our coloured diamond engagement rings? A good starting point is to step back from the detail for a moment, and ask yourself what overall style of ring would work best. If you’re buying the ring without your partner’s input, you should consider what jewellery she wears already as well as her general style of dress. Should the ring be classic in design or more unusual? Understated or showy? Modern or vintage-style?

There are also practical considerations to take into account. Would a delicate ring or a large ring suit her work or lifestyle, or would something more robust or something smaller be better .For more information, we’ve produced guidance on some of the main styles of engagement ring: solitaire rings, trilogy rings, Art Deco rings, vintage rings, modern rings, and unusual rings. If you want to ensure that two of the most important pieces of jewellery she will ever own, sit perfectly together, then a beautiful bridal set would make a great choice. In recent years bridal sets have been steadily growing in popularity with many brides choosing to have a perfectly matching engagement ring and wedding band, we have an extensive bridal set collection with different styles and diamond cuts which effortlessly complement each other.You should also consider your loved one’s preferred stone style – will their perfect ring have lots of diamonds or would they prefer coloured gemstones? Would they prefer lavish and elaborate style or something small and minimal in design? There are many stone styles for you to choose from :



A slim band with a singled centre diamond – this is a classic style that never dates.



Three stones representing your love in past, present and future.


A cluster of numerous diamonds which can craft a lavish and striking look.


A centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, creating an indulgent and contemporary look.Side stones– A main centre stone with smaller stones featured either side, adding extra sparkle to the simple yet elegant solitaire.

Which Diamond Or Diamonds?

Your choice of diamond is likely to be the single biggest factor determining the overall cost of your engagement ring. You’ll need to consider the shape, size and quality that would work best for you. A combination of the style of the ring you want and your budget should inform your decision, but please read our guide to choosing a diamond to help you find the perfect stone. At A Star Diamonds , we can guarantee that all of our diamonds are conflict-free.

Which Precious Metal?

Unless you’ve been given a steer, you should look again to your partner’s existing jewellery. If her preference is for yellow or rose gold, then the choice is simple. If she favours white metal, then you’ll need to choose between white gold and platinum. If she doesn’t wear jewellery, and you’ve got nothing to go on, then white gold and platinum are the safest options based on current popularity. You can read our guide to gold versus platinum for information about the key differences between these precious metals.At A Star Diamonds , we offer a choice of certified Fairtrade or recycled gold or platinum.

Which Finger Size?

Once you’ve settled on a style, a diamond and a precious metal you should be able to narrow your options down to a shortlist of preferred rings. Once you’ve made a decision, you’ll just need to check whether it is the right size. If you’re buying the ring as a surprise, you may not know what her finger size is, but we have some guidance on how to get the right ring size which should help.