How to choose a diamond

Throughout history till this day diamonds have been valued as the highest gemstone as it is worn and admired by royalty as sign of status and strength. Diamonds has become the way of declaring love in form of engagement and eternity rings. Choosing the right diamond is very important as this is the biggest factor which determines cost of an engagement ring or any piece of jewellery which it is set in. Buying a diamond is an investment as can be passed down as heirloom, it is a financial commitment as well as an emotional one.

Diamonds are valued according to the 4Cs Color, Carat, Cut and Clarity and the shape as this impacts the style of ring not to forget the cost. The 4Cs of diamond is the language all jewellers use to describe the characteristics of a diamond. Here is some information that is important to understand why two diamonds that look exactly the same may not be valued the same.

Diamond Carat    Diamond Cut    Diamond Colour     Diamond Clarity    Diamond Shapes

All our diamonds are conflict-free, ethically produced and can be traced back to the mine of origin. All our diamonds are hand selected by our diamond expert buyers from a small selection of recognised and trusted partners that we have built lasting relationship with. All our diamonds are accompanied and certified from one of the top three gemmological institutes in the world GIA, HRD, IGI and therefore come with additional security as all diamonds are laser inscribed with the certificate number on the girdle it is naked to the eye as it is only viewable using a microscope with 10x magnification. For more detailed information on diamond see out Diamond Education.