Choosing a precious metal

One of the most important choices you’ll need to make about your wedding ring will be the material used to make it. The traditional choice is either white or yellow gold but precious metals such as platinum and titanium are becoming an increasingly popular choice for wedding rings.

Considering the wedding and engagement ring will be worn together, we would always recommend that you choose the same metal for both. Some metals are harder than others so doing this will minimise wear and tear.
Each metal has different properties and benefits. To find out more about which metal is right for your wedding ring, visit our precious metal buyers guide. A good place to start, it to decide on the precious metals you would like. The main options are gold (yellow), white gold and platinum, though rose gold (pink) is also having a revival. Many people already have a preferred color, matching their existing jewellery or watch.

Gold And Platinum Wedding Rings

If you wear an engagement ring, then we recommend matching the metal in your wedding ring so that the two rings experience similar wear and tear over time. Different metals age differently, and a softer metal will be slowly worn away against a harder one.If you’ve not already made your mind up, then you will probably find it helpful to try on the different metals, so that you can compare them directly, and judge which suits you most. If pink or yellow look best, then the decision is made. If your preference is for white, then you may find it helpful to read our guidance on the differences between white gold and platinum.