Should Your Diamond Have A Laser Inscription?

If you’ve heard the term “laser inscription” referring to diamonds, but you are not sure what this means, this article is for you. Being laser inscribed is perhaps more important for your diamonds than you think. These engravings in your stone can help you not only when deciding whether to buy it, but also protect you from fraud or negligence in other situations.

What Is A Diamond Laser Inscription?

A diamond laser inscription is a combination of letters and numbers etched in a diamond, most often on the stone’s girdle. These symbols serve as a unique ID that helps to identify a particular stone if needed. Inscriptions help you to recognize your diamond among other stones. Diamonds are usually laser inscribed by the grading lab at which they are certified.

For example, IGI , HRD , GIA – certified diamonds are laser inscribed and the inscription numbers can be seen in their certificates.

Why Are Diamond Inscriptions Important?

The symbols inscribed on a diamond are the same as the ones on its certification report, thus verifying that the stone is the one described in the certificate. You should always ask whether the diamond you are considering is inscribed and match its inscription to the number in its certificate. Diamond inscriptions are very helpful when it comes to protecting yourself from fraud. Girdle laser inscription will protect, prevent : switching, diamonds.

A Star Diamonds delivers all loose diamonds with International diamond certificate Girdle laser registered.

This inscription is microscopic, (only a couple of atoms thick), and totally imperceptible to the naked eye. It is only evident under 10X magnification with a jeweler’s loupe or microscope. The inscription has a 3D appearance when viewed. Laser inscription is permanent; it can be removed only by a professional diamond cutter through a very intricate process.