Getting engaged is the most romantic and emotional time of your life as this declares your commitment in wanting to spend the rest of your life together, therefore getting the right choice of engagement ring is important in creating a memory to remember.

At A Star Diamonds we believe creating happy memories that last forever is like a relationship and we pride ourselves to start creating that happy memory from the minute you start looking for your engagement ring.

Engagement ring is a symbol of declaring your love for your partner and initial step towards marriage. The ring is worn on the fourth finger of left hand as this symbolises the vein of love called the vena armoris. Traditionally engagement ring was of gold metal with a diamond however in more recent years engagement rings variety has changed with peoples taste and there are various types to choose from finding the right style, right setting, right gem, right diamond metal types and ring size.

At A Start Diamonds we cater for everyone’s needs and have various selection of rings to choose from however if nothing takes your fancy then we can help you create a bespoke design unique to your own as this symbolises the love you have for your partner as no one will have the same.