Diamond Dealer London

Astar diamond is one of the world’s largest retailer of diamond jewellery, as we are providing you high-quality diamonds and passionate, experienced and professional Diamond Dealer LondonOur exclusive ranges of wedding rings or engagement rings are available in different sizes and shapes ranging from solitaire to trilogy. Astar diamonds show you exquisitely crafted rings and proper guidance to find the righteous engagement rings and wedding bands. Moreover, they perfectly designs your dream rings according to your demands. Which perfectly fits your life partner personality, taste and style.

Pick your favourite precious stones, select the setting. Make it delightful and one of a kind that catches her personality, style and taste. We embark on our next 100 years; it is imperative to share our basic beliefs from which we build up our business strategies, culture and brands. We are always ready to make people happy. Associates who feel adored as esteemed individuals from the Astar family, realizing that they are the way to making the Aster encounter fulfilling and superb consistently.

Diamond shapes:

Astar diamond dealer in London is offering you numerous shapes of diamonds which have completely characteristics. Following are the most popular shapes of diamond we provide you in creating your exclusive wedding and engagement rings, including;

Round Cut Diamond:

Our round cut diamonds is the most popular because of their flexibility, durability, rigidity, and extraordinary brilliance. In advanced theories of precise mathematical calculations and light behaviour to optimize the brilliance and fire within the round cut diamond. Rather than fancy diamonds, our round cut diamonds have proper light reflection and maximize the potential brightness. Moreover, our round cut diamonds have 58 facets and always choose the length-to-width ratio of approximately 1.0 – 1.03. Our professional diamond dealer in London gives you the highest quality diamonds to make your masterpieces so they can last longer.

Princess Cut Diamond:

Our princess cut diamonds is popular because of its non-round shape, unique cut and beautiful brilliance. Astar diamond is providing you pointed corners and traditionally square in shape which makes it more favourable for engagement and wedding rings.

We always prefer J-colour non-round princess cut diamonds. Because they are completely exceptional and the colour is slightly visible from its corners. Whatever your requirements are, our professional designs help you in choosing righteous diamond cuts which make your rings more unique and eye-catching.

As compared to round cut diamonds, princess cut diamond are also a good choice as they are flexible and accessible in various shapes ranging from square to rectangular. Moreover, our princesses cut diamonds have a length-to-width ratio of approximately 1.05 – 1.12.

Asscher cut diamond:

Astar diamonds deals in London are providing you beautiful and unique Asscher cut diamonds which are identical to emerald cut. Rather than emerald cut, our professional cut this shape of diamonds in rectangular facets by maintaining its brilliance and clarity. Our Asscher cut diamond have may layer of facets and considered as the best alternative option of emerald cut diamonds. Our professional craftsmen efficiently trimmed the corner to give it more stability and make your engagement or wedding rings more unique as your partner is. However, our Asscher cut diamonds are more sparkle, due to their 58 facets and high-quality crown.

Radiant cut diamond:

Our radiant cut diamonds are popular among our clients because of their trimmed corners, versatility and outstanding brilliance. Our radiant cut diamonds are eventually beautiful as compared to round and baguette cut diamonds. Additionally, in their degree of rectangularity, these radiant cut diamonds are available in numerous sizes, shapes and dimension as well. Our professional designers always recommend you to choose the H graded radiant cut diamond.

However, our professional provides you highest quality S11 and S12 diamonds with clarity. If you are confused or don’t know about the cut quality.  Astar diamond is always there to help you out and make sure that you ended up with an extraordinary diamonds rings at a competitive price.

We perfectly combine the modern and contemporary cut patterns to make a soft square or even rectangular shapes with curved edges.

Moreover, the length-to-width ratio is approximately 1.00 – 1.35 and goes up approximately 2.0. If you want radiant cut diamonds in a more rectangular shape. Our experienced diamond dealer in London offers you an exclusive range of diamonds. So you can easily create your dream rings and make your special day even more special.

Heart shaped diamond:

Our one of a kind and completely excellent heart shape diamonds helps in settling on a particular decision for an assortment of jewel jewelry. When you are picking a shading grade, dependably consider the cost of J-shading heart molded jewels which are totally outstanding. Besides, in heart shape diamond the shading might be somewhat obvious in its corners. Astar diamond helps you in finding the best measurement. Heart-shaped diamonds to make your rings progressively one of a kind and phenomenal.

Also, the length-to-width proportion can without much of a stretch decide by our diamond outline and when it look like when seen from the top. Ranging from classic to trilogy rings or to vintage too modern engagement rings, Astar diamonds is providing you a massive range of diamond wholesale in London at a competitive price.

So buy our wedding bands and engagement rings toady!